Youtube Channel

We have a Youtube Channel

If you need any video help and tips about your waterbed, then subscribe to our YouTube channel for video help. Although these videos of ours are very accurate and helpful for you to see how the professionals do it. If you never bought your waterbed or the parts you are concerned about from Aquaglow Waterbeds […]

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Fixing A Leak Waterbed

Fixing a leak

Fixing a leak can be very easy depending on the size of leak. Any leak up to 3mm is very quick and easy to do, first and foremost always follow the instructions on the waterbed repair kit. We find that most of the time a drop of waterbed repair glue does the job. Maybe if […]

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Why Choose Us

Why choose a waterbed?

Why choose a waterbed? Waterbeds are renowned for being the most supportive beds available, that’s why we specialise in them. Your body is cradled by the water… stretch out in a Waterbed… now that’s comfort with support. Once upon a time “price” was the barrier to owning one. Our prices are comparable to conventional beds […]

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