Orthopedic waterbeds?

The orthopedic benefits of a waterbed means you will greatly reduce pressure points; which is the first building block in creating a deep sleep.

The orthopedic benefits of a waterbed

The orthopedic benefits of a waterbed (orthopedic waterbeds)means you’ll greatly reduce pressure points; which is the first building block in creating a long and deep sleep. Pressure points between you and your mattress while asleep are what keep stirring you from a good sleep. The more you wake because of them the harder it is to keep falling back to sleep. Waterbeds reduce pressure points more than any other orthopedic bed in the world. This is exactly what they are renowned for. So now that you’re asleep what else helps you stay asleep?

There is a gentle heat that comes from a waterbed created by a low wattage water bed heater. The waterbed heater is fully adjustable, so you can take control of the temperature of your bed when you want. Made out of modern carbon fibre, the heater is incredibly energy efficient. When your waterbed temperature is in sync with your own body temperature it increases the length of time you are sleep. Increasing the comfort to ensure you stay asleep for a much longer period.  

The materials help

The materials used also greatly extend the orthopedic benefits. The Aqua PRO mattress has a removeable zip on and off lid that covers the the Deluxe waterbed mattress. This zip lid cover is made from a luxurious Double Jersey material. This has been thickened up by adding a further 340grms of fibre wadding. Which makes the Aqua PRO waterbed so cozy that when added together with the above benefits you can’t help but fall asleep. You feel cocooned in a lovely thick soft padded cover while sinking in and being support correctly by the water itself.

When you are thinking about buying a waterbed. Well the answer is a big YES! Most people have tried every other supposed orthopedic bed out there and are still suffering a lousy sleep. But you could cut a few of these steps out and jump straight into the best sleep you’ll ever get today. The Aqua PRO Waterbed.

4 things to consider when buying a waterbed mattress!

Orthopedic waterbeds?


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