Why you should be sleeping on an Aquaglow waterbed!

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Unlike spring or foam mattresses which create “pressure points” on areas of greatest weight concentration. Aquaglow Waterbeds have thought about how we can help with this. The Aqua PRO waterbed contours to the exact shape of your body giving you total and even body support.

As a result you will improved your blood circulation. Rarely toss and turn in the night, which can disrupt a good nights sleep. You will awake feeling refreshed, well rested and in some cases you may even require fewer hours sleep.


  • Always adjustable support for softness and hardness, so it’s entirely up to you.
  • Always adjustable waterbed temperature, so you decide how warm or cool you want it.

Waterbeds encourage blood circulation, helping to flush impurities from your body system while you’re sleeping. The tepid mattress also soothes sore muscles, relieves tension and helps relieve backaches. People with or without health problems all sleep better on the Aqua PRO waterbed. Waterbeds are also used in thousands of hospitals around the world for the treatment and comfort of patients. From caring for premature infants to the elderly and bedridden, even serious accident or burns victims.

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