Cheslyn waterbed shown from the front in dark grey

Why waterbeds could be your answer to a great sleep

Tired of Restless Nights? Waterbeds Could Be the Answer! If you’re waking up feeling like you’ve been wrestling a bear all night, with a sore back, achy neck, and tired limbs, it might be time to consider a new sleep solution. And that’s where waterbeds come in! Why Waterbeds? Waterbeds offer a unique sleeping experience compared to traditional mattresses. Here’s why […]

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Youtube Channel

We have a Youtube Channel

If you need any video help and tips about your waterbed, then subscribe to our YouTube channel for video help. Although these videos of ours are very accurate and helpful for you to see how the professionals do it. If you never bought your waterbed or the parts you are concerned about from Aquaglow Waterbeds […]

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Aquaglow Waterbeds

Finding a leak

In the unlikely event that you find water in the bottom of your safety liner. Leaks are easy and cheap to permanently repair. The first thing to do is establish whether it is in fact a leak. A lot of times we speak to our customers and run through some of the alternative possibilities of […]

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