Why you should go for a Dual waterbed system!

Instead of one big mattress.

Most couples choose to buy a waterbed with just the one mattress and one heater as standard. That’s totally normal, just as they are priced up complete on our site. After all, all our waterbeds are priced up with the one mattress and one heater. But did you know that the king size and super king size waterbeds come with the option of a dual waterbed system . This means you can get two mattresses and two heaters installed in the one waterbed. A mattress for you on your side of the bed, and one for your partner. This means you can have 2 separate mattresses at 2 different temperatures within the same bed. So if you find yourself sweating at night because your partner likes it to warm. You can now turn your side down and be chilled all night long with our dual waterbed system.

When you choose a Dual waterbed mattress kit, you have the same choice to make as with the one mattress. That is how stable do you want them. We offer a choice of five, just like the one single mattress.

  1. The ST1000 Dual mattress system
  2. The ST2500 Dual Mattress system
  3. The ST3500 Dual Mattress system
  4. The ST4500 Dual Mattress system  And the ST5500 Dual Mattress system
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Why you should go for a Dual waterbed system!


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