Do waterbeds still exist?

Do waterbeds still exist? Oh yes! And waterbeds are the only beds we have ever specialize in. Very often we are asked, why do you only supply waterbeds? Well there is a simply reason for that, and that reason is! We believe as much now as we did in 1985 when Aquaglow Waterbeds first started providing the public with the comfort of waterbeds, that waterbeds are the best beds you can sleep on. Sure you can say waterbeds have gone through quiet periods in the past since the sixties as lots of thing have, but you can’t keep such a good bed down. We always come bouncing back stronger. Once you have waded through any untrue negativity and outlandish hit pieces found on the internet about waterbeds, and go try a waterbed for yourself. You will then realize you should have made the choice years ago.

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Do waterbeds still exist?


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