Why choose a waterbed?

Why use a Waterbed?

Why choose a waterbed?

Waterbeds are renowned for being the most supportive beds available, that’s why we specialise in them. Your body is cradled by the water… stretch out in a Waterbed… now that’s comfort with support. Once upon a time “price” was the barrier to owning one. Our prices are comparable to conventional beds but waterbeds are much more comfortable, healthier and last a lot longer. The last 60 years has seen the waterbed industry go full circle. Popularity and mass production has made them much more affordable. We are using the latest ideas and the best manufacturing methods. With up to the minute technology and state of the art components to give you a good nights sleep that cannot be equalled at any price. Why choose a waterbed? It’s not uncommon for a waterbed to last well over 20 years and still be as comfortable as the day it was bought.

Why Use a Waterbed?

Waterbeds are exceptional at distributing your body weight. Relieving pressure points and reducing your back and spine pain. Heated waterbeds in particular are a form of heat therapy, easing tender muscles and reducing inflammation. They’re also very cosy to sleep in during the winter.

It makes sense to sleep in a waterbed. Give your body a rest, and have a great nights sleep night after night.


If you need replacement bits and pieces or accessories you can buy without registering. Place your order and then “click” Buy without registering. If it’s a waterbed you want, order online or just telephone with your order. If you want a look around, please browse the menus above.

Conventional mattress makers recommend you change your mattress at around 8 years, NOT so with a waterbed and your waterbed will still be as good as the same day you bought it.

  • Waterbeds are renowned for being the most supportive beds available.
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Why choose a waterbed?


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