Finding a leak

In the unlikely event that you find water in the bottom of your safety liner. Leaks are easy and cheap to permanently repair. The first thing to do is establish whether it is in fact a leak. A lot of times we speak to our customers and run through some of the alternative possibilities of water being in the liner other than a leak, and it tends to fix the problem. Other reasons for water gathering in the liner are-

Drink Spillages, De-airing mattress accidents, Topping up accidents, Mattress heater turn down to much or off, Un Plugged, no power to plug or Heater broken.

Once you are sure it’s none of these then it’s time to quickly order our permanent repair kit and we will send it out first class that day or the next working day if you order it after 3pm. In the mean time you need to find where the water is coming from. The automatic thing you will want to do is drain your bed but DON’T unless it’s an obvious large leak. Leave the water in there and finding the small leak is made much easier.

Take your covers off the waterbed mattress then get 4 dry towels and put one down each corner to soak up the water. Look over the top of the mattress and if there is any water there dry it up with another towel. Most accidental leaks are on the top or down the sides of the waterbed mattress. So it makes sense to start looking on the top then down the sides.

If there are no leaks on the top of the waterbed mattress it must be down the sides, so stand at the headend on the left hand side of your bed and roll the mattress back 6 inches with your forearm and dry any beads of water that maybe resting on the mattress wall. Hold that position for 10 seconds and if no more beads of water appear in that little area you are looking at you know the leak is not there. Then move a little further down the bed and do the same thing, roll the mattress back 6 inches with your forearm and dry any beads of water. Hold that position for 10 seconds and if any beads of water appear you know that you have found your leak.

I would always attempt to fix the leak first unless my mattress was over 9 or 10 years old then sometimes its best thinking about replacing the mattress with a new one depending on how many leaks you may have fixed. If it’s the first leak you have had to repair then click on this link to go to our specialized waterbed repair kits that fix the leak in minutes and you don’t have to be an expert to do it. We have many customers young and old doing this very easy job. The repair kits come with very good instructions so simply follow those when you receive it through the post.

Hope this help will help you in your search.

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Finding a leak


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