1 inch pipe

Ribbed hose pipe, also sometimes called corrugated hose pipe, is a type of flexible tubing characterized by its wavy or ribbed exterior. While it might look different from a standard smooth hose, it offers several advantages for specific applications.

Benefits of the Ribbed Design:

Flexibility: The ribbed design allows the hose to bend and twist more easily compared to a smooth hose of the same diameter. This makes it ideal for applications requiring maneuverability around obstacles or corners.
Crush Resistance: The hollow channels created by the ribs help the hose withstand crushing and stepping on without collapsing. This is beneficial for applications where the hose might be underfoot or buried.
Reduced Kinking: The ribbed design helps prevent the hose from kinking, which can obstruct water flow and damage the hose.
Lightweight: Ribbed hoses are generally lighter than smooth hoses of the same diameter due to the use of less material.

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