for SOFTSIDE DUAL waterbeds

A Softsided waterbed is a..

waterbed that typically looks like a conventional spring mattress. It will normally have a zip on cover with thick foam shoulders on the inside. These foam shoulders hold the mattress in place. So if you’re looking to replace your softside dual waterbed mattress, it is very important you don’t get a mattress that is designed for a hardsided style of waterbed. Soft Side waterbed mattresses are specially made to fit a softsided waterbed. Likewise a hardsided mattress is designed to fit a hard sided.

Now you are sure your waterbed is soft sided. You can also choose if you would like a softside dual waterbed mattress system. This means, instead of one big mattress inside you can choose to have two. One for you and one for your partner. People tend to find that this cuts down on water movement a little. But most of all this is most beneficial because of the ability you have to decide which temperature you want your bed to be independently to your partner.

This page also has five different stabilities to choose from. The ST1000 for example has lots of gentle water movement all the way up to the ST5500 which has very little water movement. You want to decided where you come on that scale of 1-5 in terms of waterbed movement. If you need more information on the mattress stabilities. Click on each picture and that page will tell you all about that mattress.

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