Myths & F.A.Q’s

Are there more comfortable beds out there than waterbeds?

NO, not at any price.

Will it cause structural damage or fall through the bedroom floor?

In a dwelling, built, altered and maintained to standard building code requirements, there has never been documented proof of a properly assembled and filled waterbed causing structural damage, or more seriously falling through the floor, this is a popular myth.

Will I get seasick on a waterbed?

No, sea sickness is another popular myth.

How long does it take to get used to?

Most of our customers tell us even their first night on their waterbed was great. But a few say at most 2-3 nights, then there is no going back to a conventional bed. Check out our Customer reviews

Will the waterbed sag after a time like my old bed?

No, never. A water mattress will always come back to a flat and level surface straight away no matter how old your waterbed is.

Are waterbeds any good for my back?

Yes, a waterbed provides natural even posture and support. The best bed you could buy. Seriously, if there was a better bed we would sell them instead.

Advantages And Health Benefits

I have no health problems, why would I need one?

Because people with or without health problems all sleep better on a waterbed.

What is Total Body Support?

Unlike conventional mattresses that create “pressure points” on the areas of greatest weight concentration (buttocks, hips, arms and shoulders), a waterbed contours exactly to your shape and weight and height, providing total and even support.

How do we calculate the mattress movement?

You will hardly notice the movement after a few days use, its something the body gets use to quickly and is very good for your joints. We calculate it about a month from the first filling, the bed will gradually reach its stability in about a month, although it will continue to become more stable for a few more months after that until it reaches its maximum stability. The mattress should be installed and filled to the manufactures recommended instructions, and the heater set at its recommended temperature, It should be made up with bedding for normal use. 2 average size adults in the bed (for 54”, 60” and 72” wide mattresses) then one of the adults should change position as you would normally. (in 36” and 48” wide beds just one average size adult).

Do waterbeds burst?

No, the water just lies there in the mattress, they are not filled under pressure like an air bed, this is another myth.

Do waterbeds leak?

In the event of an accident yes, but the chances are very remote because the mattress is not exposed. Any seepage would be contained in a tough outer safety liner, and a leak can be quickly and permanently repaired, without draining the mattress.

What is the weight of a waterbed?

Floor load is 45,lbs – 57lbs per-sq-ft. This is less than other household items such as a filled fridge/freezer, a wardrobe, your bath with you in it, a fish tank, or a piano.

How long do waterbeds last?

Its not unheard of for a waterbed to last 25 years and it will still be as comfortable as the first day it was bought.

Do all your waterbeds have a heater pad under them and why?

Yes. for a much more restful therapeutic sleep. A cold unheated mattress of any kind will draw heat away from your body with a chilling effect. A thermostatically controlled tepid water mattress provides an even and gentle body temperature warmth that penetrates and relaxes your muscles while you are resting, allowing you to get to sleep quicker and for longer periods.

Are the heaters safe?

Yes. They don’t come into contact with the water and neither are they “in” the mattress. Our modern heaters are specifically designed flat pads that go underneath the mattress and liner and take the chill off the water. They are Doubly Insulated, Fused and Earthed, and pass all the British and European safety standards.

Do they use a lot of electric?

In a double glazed and centrally heated dwelling about 5-10p a day, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. We use the latest low wattage, energy efficient heaters.

What if there is a temporary power cut?

The heater and thermostat will look after itself, you would not notice the average power cut.

Why do I need Conditioner?

Waterbed conditioner has 4 main functions

  1. It helps keep the vinyl mattress supple from the inside.
  2. It has an algae inhibitor.
  3. It helps to remove air from the water.
  4. To maintain continuity of guarantee.

Waterbed companies insist you put this in to:- prolong the life of your mattress, to keep the water fresh, and to reduce air formation, and for us to honour the guarantee.

Are waterbeds easy to move?

Yes. Even the largest water mattress drains down to the size of a large suit case, and all the other components that make up the bed are made in easy to handle sizes.

When and how often do you change the water?

Never, unless  you move the bed to somewhere else.

Can I clean the water mattress?

Yes with any Vinyl Cleaner made for cleaning waterbed mattresses. You do not need to worry about bed mites or tics they can not penetrate a waterbed mattress.

What about perspiration?

Unlike most other beds, perspiration can not be absorbed by the water mattress also the mattress cover can be removed anytime and washed, making the waterbed a much healthier and hygienic place to be.

Are waterbeds noisy?

No, They are a very solid construction designed to last years. There are no springs to creak.

What about my bedroom life?

Just use your waterbed as you would use any other bed.

Can I use my waterbed while pregnant?

Yes, you will even be able to sleep on your stomach well into your pregnancy.

Can I buy a waterbed for a trial period?

We do not install waterbeds for trial periods, but you can try them in our showroom.

How long has Aquaglow Waterbeds been in business?

Since 1985

Do you sell any other type of beds, sofas, tables, chairs, Jacuzzi's, light fittings, carpets or rugs etc?

No, we just like to reassure our customers that we specialise in waterbeds and waterbed related items (since 1985) such as Sheets, Under-blankets, Waterbed heaters, Water mattresses, Water conditioner and spray cleaners, Water pillows, Draining pumps, etc.

I have a question that’s not listed.

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