for HARDSIDE waterbeds

Included itemsIf you have a Traditional/hardsided waterbed already…

and you need to replace the mattress, you will find the perfect mattress for you here. Although there maybe a few things you should know. “Hardsided waterbed mattress” refers to the style of waterbed and NOT the hard or softness of the mattress sides. So if you have a wooden frame holding the waterbed mattress in place, whether it be painted or upholstered in fabric. Your waterbed is Classed as a Hard sided waterbed.

There’s five different stabilities to choose from. So now determine which stability suits you best by selecting the HT1000 if you like plenty of movement. Or the ST5500 if you prefer very little movement. And all the mattress stabilities in-between.

You can select a mattress and read more information about your selection. Or if you are happy with your choice, you can simply select the correct size for your bed and buy.

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