The Aquaglow Waterbeds online SUPERSTORE where you can find the best floatation mattress in the world, the AQUA MATTRESS PRO- Please judge for yourself....

Superior waterbeds compaired to normal spring and foam mattresses

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The Aqua Mattress PRO

Order the Aqua mattress PRO with any bed frame you like TODAY!

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We stock a wide range of waterbed mattresses at great prices for your waterbed.

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Aquaglow Waterbeds

Aquaglow Waterbeds is a family business and since 1985 we have specialized in waterbeds and waterbed parts and accessories. We think our specialist knowledge, expertise and stock levels are second to none. We have not only been consistently supplying our local customers with waterbeds and parts, but also Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the rest of England.

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Are you tired of waking up feeling like you've been kicked around a football field all night? Aching back or neck? Tired joints and limbs? Or you just want a great nights sleep at last!

We can help with all of this! Check out our range of waterbeds and supplies. From upgrading your old bed to replacing waterbed parts. You’ll be sure to find something that’s right for you.

We know that a standard product may not be enough for some people so if you are in need of extra bits and pieces for your waterbed, or you require any of our products in different sizes just click the relevant option.

Our fully secure website is easy to use and secure to purchase from. Just click the ‘Add to Basket’ button and your chosen product, along with any optional extras you have selected will go straight into your shopping basket. From here you will be given the option to view your basket, or you can carry on browsing the site to find any other products you may need.

Once you have finished browsing and are ready to checkout just hit the basket button at the top of the page and away you go.
To make things easy we have made sure you can checkout in all the usual ways including BACS, Debit or Credit card payment and Sagepay.

Once you’ve checked out you will receive a confirmation email and your product will be delivered within a suitable time frame.(Normally 24-48 hours)

Before you checkout you will get the option of delivery price estimates before you buy.

You can also choose to have your goods delivered to your work address rather than sent to your home address if that’s more convenient.

On many items delivery will be included on some items it will be a little extra.

If you would like a whole waterbed delivered, please phone for prices.

Your product will come complete with instructions on just how to put it together so all you have to do is choose where its going, put it together and start filling up your brand new waterbed.

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