Carbon Digital 270w Waterbed Heater

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Energy Saving Heating:- nearly 99.9% of the electricity is converted into heat !!  
  • 5 (five) year guarantee.Wasserbett Heizung.

  • Setting the highest standards in waterbed heating.

  • Silent electronic thermostat.

  • Digital readout control.

  • Accurate to about 1/10th of 1 degree.

  • Adjustable temperature scale 25º-35ºc. (77º-95ºf)

  • Also has built in timer function (have your heater on when you want it on) or leave it on automatic.

  • Reminder function to condition your waterbed mattress.

  • *Variable 210-270w power output and Thermostatically controlled temperature*

  • Plug it in, and let the thermostat look after you.

  • For traditional Hard side and Soft side beds.

  • For all sizes of beds.

  • 3a fused, moulded 3 pin U.K. plug.

  • Earthed and Double insulated.

  • U.K. voltage 230v.

  • Child safety lock.

  • Over heating protected.

  • Power surge protected.

  • Internationally approved, passing strict European safety regulations.

  • Fitting instructions.

    Heater Pad Dimensions: 290 x 710mm


Click here to read our BLOG about waterbed heaters.

*This means it automatically keeps a constant waterbed temperature using variable power output and a thermostat. If the water temperature in your bed is cold it will output up to 270w into the heater pad to warm the water quicker. When your bed is approaching the desired temperature or to maintain the desired waterbed temperature, the output gradually reduces to 210w until the thermostat switches if off. (Energy efficient). When it detects a 1/10 of one degree drop in temperature then it automatically switches on again, this cycle keeps on repeatedly, accurately and automatically keeping the bed at your chosen temperature. 

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