Buying a Waterbed? here is a helpful guide.

Buying a waterbed?

Here is a handy list of items that we hope will help to remove the mystery in choosing the design, size and mattress etc:

  • (A) Your bed design? from Traditional waterbeds to Soft Sided waterbeds, and we have lots of styles to choose from.
  • (B) Size? Please see B below, and "Space required" featured with each bed.
  • (C) Stability of water in the mattress? see C below, and the helpful Info guide at the top right or at the bottom of this page.
  • (D) Stain/colour/material? Please see D below.
  • (E) Drawers? Please see "Accessories" (link at top) then Optional drawer bases.
  • (F) Temperature, Your choice (from to cold to sleep on, to warm to sleep on) and is always fully adjustable. see F below.
  • (G) Hard or Soft mattress! Your choice, all types are fully adjustable. see G below.
  • (H) All INCLUSIVE Price, e.g. £835.00 the price on the price list is ALL you pay, unless otherwise advised. When you want to order a complete waterbed Please telephone (01772 301922) with your order, and a small deposit secures your bed, order from the site and we will contact you with your installation date. If it is a replacement item or accessory you require you can order them straight from our site, or order by telephone.
  • (J) ETA. Please see Item.

Item B, We do 5 standard widths 36"(92cm)single, 48"(122cm)super single, 54"(137cm)double, 60"(152cm)king, 72"(183cm)super king. Available space in your room governs this, don't go to small but allow for a little clearance on each side. Please see the "Space required" feature on each bed.

Item C, How do I choose a waterbed mattress? briefly, the water does the supporting and the fiber layers control the water movement. The total thickness of the fiber, means less water movement. They all offer superb and easily adjustable support which is controlled by the amount of water put in the mattress.

  • Type 1000 is ideal for children, single people and couples who do not mind the gentle water movement. Provides total and even support, optimum comfort, keeps the neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips and leg joints most flexible.
  • Type 2500L is ideal for single people and couples who want less movement than type 1, but still want some water movement. Provides total and even support, optimum comfort, keeps the joints flexible.
  • Type 3500L is made for couples who want a tactful balance between the 5 types of mattress, provides total and even support, optimum comfort, keeps the joints nicely flexible.
  • Type 4500L is ideal for couples who want slightly less water movement than type 3, but still require total and even support, optimum comfort, and still feels like a waterbed.
  • Type 5500L is ideal for couples who want virtually no movement at all, yet still have total and even support, and optimum comfort.

Item D. Only the highest quality wood stains, paints, upholstery materials (to comply with BS5852 fire and safety test). The Dralon and Vinyl also conforms to BS5690 test (severe domestic upholstery use), All our pine is Kiln dried.

Item E. Except for the Open plan bed and the low divan surrounds, all our beds are available with up to 6 drawers.

Item F Temperature, all our beds include a heater pad and thermostat controller, (CE approved) we set to a cozy setting, (in itself very therapeutic) and is easily adjustable anytime. Twin mattresses have 2 heaters, one under each mattress.

Item G. Hardness and Softness:- Can you adjust your present bed? ALL the types of waterbed mattresses can be adjusted to suit at any time quickly and easily by the addition or removal of water, it is virtually impossible to purchase a waterbed that will not be hard or soft or comfortable enough. Compared to other mattresses, it will ALWAYS retain the superior support and comfort expected from a waterbed. You can always adjust it yourself.

Item H. A small deposit secures; by Debit card, or Credit card, Bank Transfer (BACS) or Pay Pal.

Item J. For complete waterbeds Please telephone with your order, delivery requirements can vary. For all other items we can supply them from stock.

In relation to water mattress stability (see below), retailers use different terms that mean the same thing, e.g. under the Type 3 column, 6 layers of 1" fibre or 8x 2cm layers and 4 seconds movement are all the same type or class of water mattress. We have made it easier to choose by placing some popular sales terms into there respective types:-

Type 1 Free Flow
up to 20 seconds of gentle water movement.
no fibre layers
no reduced movement

Type 2 Semi Stable
up to 8 seconds of gentle water movement
2 layers of 2" fibre
4 layers of 1" fibre
4" deep fibre
6x 2cm layers of fibre
50% reduced movement

Type 3 Stable
up to 4 seconds of gentle water  movement
3 layers of 2" fibre
6 layers of 1" fibre
6" deep fibre
8x 2cm layers of fibre
75% reduced movement

Type 4 Super Stable
up to 2 seconds of gentle water movement
4 layers of 2" fibre
8 layers of 1" fibre
8" deep fibre
10x 2cm layers of fibre
95% reduced movement

Type 5 Extra Super Stable
up to 1 second of gentle water movement
5 layers of 2" fibre
10 layers of 1" fibre
10"deep fibre
12x 2cm layers of fibre
99% reduced movement
Extra Super Stable