Dual/Twin Mattresses

Most couples choose a waterbed with just the one mattress and one heater in it, just as they are priced up complete on our site. All our beds are priced up with the one mattress and one heater (unless stated otherwise).

Some couples like the option of a 5′ (152cm) wide or 6′ (183cm) wide bed with 2 separate mattresses in the same bed, these are known as “Twin or Dual mattress waterbeds” depending on where you live. This means you can have 2 separate mattresses at 2 different temperatures within the same bed.

Both the 5′ (152cm) and the 6′ (183cm) wide beds are available with optional Twin mattresses. There is an additional cost for a Twin/Dual mattresses. This cost not only includes the 2 mattresses but the 2 heaters, and a thermal barrier between the mattresses. Everything else that makes up your waterbed simply remains the same.